Salary ranges, reviews and promotions

Salary Ranges

After doing a market study to balance and match better our salary ranges to the ones in the technology industry, these will be the salary forks our Tech disciplines will move through. Their main characteristics are the bigger amplitude of each and the overlapping among them, which will help to increase the salary path in every level and will make the movements easier from one to another.

For Data, Engineering, Product Management, Product & Core Design, and User Research:

Level Range Start Range End
L1 24K 30K
L2 30K 38K
L3 35K 48K
L4 45K 65K
L5 55K 85K
L6 75K 105K

For Marketing Design, Product Marketing, Fraud & Payments, and Settings:

Level Range Start Range End
L1 18K 27K
L2 23K 34K
L3 28K 42K
L4 36K 54K

Windows for Salary and Promotion Reviews

At Cabify we concentrate promotions and salary reviews in three windows, although most of them will be concentrated in the ordinary one (February) and it is uncommon that the same person can change salary or position more than once a year. You can see all the details about salary review and promotions in our policies: