What is Cabify

Cabify connects private and business users with the forms of transport that best suit their needs. With the aim of making cities better places to live, we’ve created a sustainable business model guided by ethical principles to help us act responsibly. More than simply ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS), we seek to offer a future full of new possibilities for the cities in which we operate, respecting both the environment and the people that live there.

Our vision

Technology can have a positive transformational effect in our cities.

Our mission

To make cities more habitable by offering a safe, reliable and efficient alternative to private vehicles.

Spread the positive effect of technology beyond mobility by leveraging engagement, analysis and innovation.

Our way

Become a multi-mobility platform that differentiates itself on safety & superior service.

And do so by being an economically, socially & environmentally sustainable entity in each of the markets we operate; that thrives on an efficient usage of our stakeholder’s resources (Riders, Drivers, Companies, Citizens, Employees, Providers, Shareholders…).

We add value by creating and efficient and long-lasting Marketplace

Our journey

Founded in 2011 in Madrid, we spread to Latin America within a few months and we’re currently present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In 2018 we reaffirmed our commitment to diversity and equality by joining the UN Global Compact, the largest Corporate Social Responsibility project in the world. Today we have more than 1,000 direct employees and we create self-employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of driver partners, supporting local talent in all our markets.

What we stand for

Our company principles exist as actionable guidelines for the type of behaviour we strive for ourselves and look for in our colleagues. They help us to know how to behave in the team and what to expect from others.