Design is about connecting, building bonds, and shaping the perception of people, thus driving their behavior. We understand people real needs and we translate our company values into actions while positively impacting our business and the cities we operate.

The Design Team provides user-centered design, craft, efficient ways of working, improves cross-departmental collaboration, and connect with the business at large, working on strategic and tactical solutions for different stakeholders. We support the company mission, goals, and objectives and we evangelize the design practice at Cabify.

To achieve this mission we seek to hire and grow a talented group of multidisciplinary designers, helping Cabify to keep operating as an internationally relevant player in the multi-mobility sector.


We are a distributed team of designers with different skills among multiple geographies across Spain. The team is divided into 3 main areas: Product Design, Core Design, and Marketing Design. We work integrated into different squads or units with the aim of devising, designing, and developing the entire experience of our products, brands, acquisition campaigns, and communications.

Product Design

Product Designers create intuitive and beautiful experiences that solve real customer problems while producing a positive impact on our business. The Product Design team is organized to contribute with focus on the different company groups such as Business, Delivery, Driver, Fleet, Marketplace, and Rider. Product Designers collaborate daily with other people on their squad such as Product Managers, Engineering Managers, and Software Engineers. Product Designers also work closely with Data Scientists and User Researches to make sure we have enough insights to solve real people needs.

Core Design

The Core Design team is composed by different disciplines such as Front-end Engineering, Design System Design, Brand Design, Illustration and UX Writing, with the goal of providing resources, guidelines and processes to empower designers and other company teams to achieve stronger focus on improving our customers experiences and communications. This means we have a company wide impact, helping on tactic and strategic projects for stakeholders such as Technology, Growth and Operations.

Marketing Design

At Marketing Design, we help to communicate our brand and values through organic traffic, paid advertising and internal comms. Our mission is to look for new creative ways to share what we do and how we act as a company with our different audiences and Cabify employees. We are organized into three separate squads, working closely with other teams at Cabify, such as Content, Marketing, or Growth (Digital).

We want to help Cabify grow by creating relevant content to engage with our users through digital media (Social Media, Display, new formats, etc.) and using our own channels (Email, Blog, Survey, In-app, etc.).


We see ourselves as a humble, fun, self-demanding and committed team. We are always looking for ways to grow as designers and to have fun together doing design-related activities such as learning from others in our Design Workshops, providing feedback at our Design Rodeos, and evolving our Design System in our Mobile, Desktop, Advertising, and Comms Glues.

This helps us to grow as a team and individuals, getting to know each other more, and building relationships that help us achieve more.

Ritual Frequency About
Design Meeting Monthly News about the team
Design Summit Annually Thoughts and Team vision
Design Rodeo Monthly Project presentations
Design Workshop Monthly Internal workshops
Design Glues Biweekly Cross-team collaboration
Design Visibility Biweekly Visibility
Design Play Quarterly Team-building activities


The team has grown a lot since 2017 and we’ve been incorporating new members since then, scaling and adapting our team definition and processes every year, making sure we were properly organised to contribute to the company strategy and initiatives.

We are always open to talk with designers from different disciplines and try to find a good match for potential candidates, you can find our open positions at


Designers at Cabify can grow on our company level ladder by picking one of the two main areas as Individual Contributors or Managers. Additionally, we encourage people to grow also as designers in an horizontal way, acquiring new skills and behaviours that will help them better satisfy their interests and passions.

Adapting the company-wide career paths to the different disciplines of the design team is a very delicate, collaborative and hard work process that takes some time to do. It’s a piece of work that will shape the professional success of many people on the team, and needs to be rock solid and last for many years. So far now, we have the following career paths available, but every year we actively work on elaborating and updating our career pahts:

  • Product Design
  • Design Management (work in progress)
  • Marketing Design (pending)
  • Core Design (pending)

For disciplines that does not have a specific career path, they must follow the company wide one:


During our Design Summit in 2019 we decided to establish a set of Design Principles to help us as a team to establish a common criteria for different people on fundamentals topics, allowing us to have solid foundations for our proposals, by challenging our work and forcing us to align on a common vision, excluding our personal bias and facilitating moving forward.

Design Principles


We are aware of the responsibility and impact that our design has on people’s lives. Our approach is based on trust, sincerity and respect.


We work hard to understand the diversity of persons and to cover the variation in capabilities, needs and aspirations that exist.


We take into consideration people with different needs, being permanent, temporary or situational, and we learn from them to improve the overall experience.


We evaluate the impact that our design has on people’s everyday life and think about the mark that we leave on our environment.


Our mission is to solve complex problems pragmatically. We create relevant, useful and simple experiences that are true to our brand.


We understand the design as a means to an end. We design with the whole experience in mind, not forgetting to take care of every detail.


We design feasible experiences that fit the context and resources available to us at any given time. Everyone’s time is limited.


We embrace an evolving and diverse scenario by trying to do more with less by using open and scalable tools.


We analyse problems based on research and data provided by our millions of users, and we offer short, medium and long term solutions.


We focus on finding the root of the problems and analyse data that will help us both to understand them better and to detect opportunities for improvements.


We think long-term, but we deliver value constantly in short cycles that allow us to learn as quickly as possible. We are always open to debate.


The services and products we offer are in constant evolution. Our design, too. We are not afraid to start from scratch.

Design System

Marshal is our Design System, it’s structured based on our brand, for which there is a context of use and principles that establish harmony and consistency in our customer’s experience within the ecosystem. Our goal is to make it public and share it beyond Cabify with the design community.


We connect with the community by participating in events, writing articles in our blog and sharing what we do in our Twitter and Dribbble. You can also say hi at


What tools do you use day to day?

While we evaluate what’s new and exciting, we carefully think about the potential impact instead of immediately switching to what’s popular.

Right now, we work with the following tools:

  • Figma
  • Zoom for remote meetings
  • Notion for our Design Handbook
  • Slack

This does not exclude other tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Amplitude, Tableau, or even Google Slides, but it all depends on the needs and the squads involved.

What benefits does your team offer?

You can check the benefits of working at Cabify at our Working Conditions page.

Do you have full-remote team members?

We have a mix of full-remote people based in Spain and on-site people in our HQ at Madrid. To make sure we build connections and meaningful relationships in the team, we encourage the whole team to gather 2 days every month in the office to perform team related rituals together. We also perform various team building activities every year.

Is English a real requirement to be part of the team?

We consume content and create documentation in English but only when the situation requires it we speak it English, although we usually use Spanish in our daily rituals and conversations (right now, our markets are primarily located in countries where Spanish is the mother tongue).

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the team?

Don’t think twice and do it. We are always seeking to welcome aboard new members who want to contribute and help Cabify grow. Take a look at the Careers page to see if we have open positions.

Where can we learn more about your team?

Articles and media featuring our team members:

Do you have any other questions? Reach out via

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