Our principles & competences

Company Principles

We are driven by our principles and these are the common denominator of all of us at Cabify. They are the foundations that frame our culture, our identity, the fundamental guidelines of who we are and how we show ourselves to the outside world.


“Your energy move mountains”

We are ambitious and go above and beyond. We work to reach long-term goals, and we don’t stop until we achieve them. We take advantage of the opportunities that come our way to push ourselves every minute of every day.


“what we think is how we act”

Our ideas, words, actions, and goals follow the same path. Our purpose is to change the world, and our commitment to passengers, drivers, the city, and the planet is unwavering.


“Dare to go further”

Everything worthwhile involves risk, and every risk allows us to grow. We take on challenges without fear of failure and learn from difficulties. We trust in ourselves, we are brave and we encourage everyone to be so, because that will always bring more boldness.


“To move forward, listen”

We are great but also humble. We recognise our limits and work as a team to break through them. We listen and learn from others because we believe with great conversations come great discoveries.

Company competences

They are the skills and abilities that define us today, tell us how we work within Cabify and what we need to achieve the company’s challenges and objectives.


Be the owner of your actions, decisions, and results. Always act with transparency and integrity to create an environment of trust that helps us grow and achieve organizational success.


Maintain focus on top priorities without deviating from the course of the medium and long-term established goals.


Identify and carry out projects that generate positive value for the company, cities, and our customers. Influence improvement collectively and move closer together towards the success of the company.


Make decisions with autonomy, assuming risks, and challenge the status quo to foster the company’s growth.


Intrinsic interest and motivation to learn and improve constantly, acquiring new knowledge and innovative skills in the face of challenges and opportunities.