Our principles & competences

Company Principles

At Cabify, we showcase our identity through 4 guiding principles that define us. These principles serve as our common thread.


“Moving mountains, your energy is limitless”

Ambition defines us; we push boundaries. Working towards distant goals is our relentless pursuit, and we never cease until we achieve them. Every opportunity that arises becomes a catalyst for propelling ourselves forward and exceeding expectations at every moment.


“Thinking this way, acting this way”

Our thoughts, expressions, actions, and objectives move in unison. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the world, and our dedication to passengers, drivers, the city, and the planet stands strong.


“Challenge yourself to reach new horizons”

In the pursuit of all that’s worthwhile, there’s an inherent risk, and every risk is a chance to evolve. We confront challenges fearlessly, understanding that failures bring valuable lessons. We have self-confidence, exemplify bravery, and inspire others to do the same because courage consistently amplifies value.


“Listen for a consistent progress”

We are significant, yet humble. We acknowledge our limitations and collaborate as a team to overcome them. We listen and learn from everyone because we believe that profound conversations lead to remarkable discoveries.

Company competences

Alongside our Principles, we rely on 5 competencies. They are the skills and abilities that define us today, tell us how we work within Cabify and what we need in order to achieve the company’s objectives and, consequently, The Plan.


Taking responsibility for your actions, recognising achievements, and learning from mistakes. Operating with transparency and integrity to establish a trustworthy environment, which is key for our success.


Keeping the focus on main objectives while staying aligned with established medium and long-term goals.


Recognizing and implementing projects that create positive value for the company, cities, and Cabify users. Influencing collaborative improvements and working together towards the company’s success.


Making independent decisions and taking calculated risks. Challenging the status quo with the aim of promoting the company’s growth.


A natural curiosity and inner drive to learn and progress consistently, adopting new knowledge and innovative skills in response to challenges and opportunities.