Getting started

The onboarding process starts once the candidates accept our offer. The aim of this process is to make them feel welcomed and provide all the tools that they new joiners need to success in their role.

While the new joiners are waiting to join us, they will receive the following welcome emails to show new joiners that we care about them and that there is a plan in place:

  1. Welcome to Cabify: provide data for generating the contract, request info for the intro
  2. Your future team: team presentation, including pictures and personal information about their future peers and manager
  3. Meet your colleagues: introduction to the Buddy & PBP

Meanwhile, in order to organize and communicate the onboarding process, the P&T creates an invite in Google Calendar to notify the manager and the PBP. Additionally, an onboarding issue in gitLab is created: onboarding template. Once this onboarding issue is created, the manager will have to assign the issue to them on their first day and determine a seat for the new joiners in case they’re hybrid.

This is how new joiners’ first day will look like

For new joiners based in Madrid, a Cabify will pick them up to get to the officearound 10am. The recruiter will deliver their equipment. Besides, the recruiter will introduce the new joiner to the manager and team members, and the buddy will show the offices and help the New Joiner in anything needed. For new joiners joining remotely, they will receive the equipment in advance in their homes. The recruiter will be in touch during the first morning and available in case there is any issue and the manager will contact the new joiner once is connected.

New joiners receive in their first day the Onboarding Check-list which will allow them to be guided during their first weeks. Then we will let them set up their laptop and systems so they can start working on their Onboarding Checklist, in which the different parties will be assigned with different tasks to be completed. At lunch time, if the new joiner is in the office, we encourage managers to invite the NJs to have lunch outside. It is very unusual that a NJ person brings tupperware on their first day, so going out could be a great experience for them. During the first day, new joiners will get to know their buddy better. Additionally, new joiners will meet their managers to introduce themselves, give an overview of the team and check how everythings is going.

First weeks for new joiners

During their first weeks, new joiners will attend different events that will be scheduled in their calendars including: meeting the CEO, Conferencing with the CTO, Sustainability, People Session, and intro with the PBP amongst others.

The manager will schedule a more deep meeting to discuss the organization of the next months:30-60-90 Plan.

People around the office will have the opportunity to join and try the Customer & Support Experience too.