Getting started

The onboarding process starts once the candidates accept our offer. The aim of this process is to keep candidates interested in us and make them feel at home already.

While the new joiners are waiting to join us, they will receive a couple of “keep warm” emails, as this period is most of the times a limbo between jobs and they like to feel the company cares about them and that there is a plan in place.

  1. They receive a team presentation, with pictures and personal information about their future peers and manager.
  2. They receive a timeline of their first day and first weeks (common for everyone), and a tracker link for their welcoming Cabify.

In the meanwhile, in order to organize the onboarding process and make it as async as possible, P&T creates an onboarding issue in gitLab using the onboarding template. Once this onboarding issue is created, the manager will determine a seat for the new joiners and will have to assign the issue to them their first day.

This is how new joiners’ first day will look like:

They will be picked up by a Cabify at their home and arrive at 10am. The recruiter will conduce them to their desk where they will already have their equipment and will know the Manager and the team. Then we will let them set up their laptop and systems so they can start working on their Onboarding Checklist, in which the different parties will be assigned with different tasks to be completed. Once all the tasks are done the issue will simply be closed.

At lunch time, we encourage you all to invite the NJs to join the whole team. It is very unusual that a NJ brings a tupperware their first day, so going out could be a great experience for them. Either during the morning or after lunch, our NJs will be contacted by their buddies to get a coffee and visit the facilities.

Another activity that should take place during the first day is a meeting with the manager. As such, Managers want their team to have a clear idea of what they are expected to accomplish, that is why the Manager will set up a short meeting the first day with the new joiners, in order to i) introduce yourself, ii) give an overview of the group and team you work for, and iii) (if possible) a brief summary of what a 30-60-90 plan is. After this meeting, you will just send this plan to the NJ for its review, and wait a week to discuss with any questions they may have.

During their first weeks, they will attend the next events:

  • HR Intro
  • Buddies Breakfast: P&T will organize a breakfast every once in Torreznos for the last NJs and their buddies.
  • Business Induction: All departments will present what they do in Cabify.
  • 1:1 with the Manager to discuss the Plan 30, 60 90.
  • Meet the GM and the CEO
  • Driver Experience
  • Excellence Experience