Career paths

In order to set expectations before having a personal plan for members of the team and standardize salary ranges, we have defined a career path framework. Each member of the Product team will be assigned a level according to their competency, demonstrated impact and expected responsibility. You can have a look at the org chart by groups and also you can take a look in Personio.

Note that behaviors mentioned in each level must be accomplished in the next ones, that is why they only appear once, in the level they start being a requirement.

Moreover, “Have a Positive & Humble attitude” has special importance for us and therefore we would love to remind two behaviors we are expecting during our time in the company:

You treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of their position or role

If you have the opportunity to give feedback, you provide evidence and do so always in a constructive way, never destructive

Take the path… and may the force be with you :)

Career Path Framework: Individual Contributor (Spanish version)

Career Path Framework: Management (Spanish version)

Remember to check your scope and average timeframe in level:

Level Scope Average timeframe in level (*) Path that applies to
1 Own squad 6 months - 1 year IC
2 Own squad 1 year - 3 years IC
3 Own squad what it takes IC & Management
4 Own squad, specialist what it takes IC & Management
5 Cross teams/squads within the group what it takes IC & Management
6 All groups/All Product what it takes IC & Management

(*) L1 and L2 should work in their profesional development having in mind estimated timeframes (this can vary based on each person). From L3 onwards, time estimation for each level won’t be considered since it will depend on each person whether or not advancing to higher levels.

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