Welcome to the Tech Team Handbook, where you can find everything you need to know about what Cabify is, how we work and where, who does what and, more importantly, everything about how to make your professional career at Cabify.

Before you read this, there are a few facts we’d like you to know:

  1. You are a part of a team revolutionising the transport industry and improving personal transportation options for millions of people in over 130 cities. In a few years, owning a car will be as unusual as owning a horse today. Very few companies around the world have the opportunity to make this impact. We believe in making cities a better place to live. Today we offer p2p, taxi, corporate service, moped, scooters… but we’re on a path to offer many combinations of services to get people or things to their destination. This is now your job too.

  2. With great opportunity also comes great responsibility. Our technology provides a livelihood to many thousands of drivers, millions of users rely on us to get to their destination and more than one thousand employees work with us in order to make this happen. It’s essential to think about them. Without our users, drivers and colleagues, our technology and our team would not exist.

Must Reads

Read The company principles before you go any further.

About this handbook

There are 2 main documentation repositories that are used through Tech, the handbook and the runbooks. They both have different goals and a different pace of execution.

Tech Handbook

This very repository

The tech handbook has a specific goal, to help employees to learn about the organization structure down to the specific team or squad in which they work.

The documents in this repository change at the pace at which the organization processes and ways change, this generally is a “slow” pace compared to the services we run in production. They change as the organization changes.

Here you can find things like:

  • What are the company values.
  • How do we recruit and perform interviews.
  • How do we onboard or offboard people from the organization
  • Which are the general rituals, and the specific team rituals.
  • Which are the main drivers of the company to ensure that we are working at the highest possible performance.
  • Processes that ensure that we perform continuous improvement katas.

Please read this section to learn how to update the handbook.



The runbooks are operational documentation that lives at the same pace of the projects, they get updated when we learn new things about the services we are running and new documents are added when we add new services to the stack.

Generally speaking, when in doubt of where to write about a specific service, or an API or things that are prone to change as we build and develop, in most cases the documentation belongs to the runbooks rather than the handbook.