Company principles

Our principles exist as actionable guidelines for the type of behaviour we strive for ourselves and look for in our colleagues. They help us to know how to behave in the team and what to expect from others.

Have a co-owner mentality

  • Work hard.
  • Feel proud of what you create.
  • Have initiative and take action, cooperating to fix what is wrong.
  • Have a service attitude.
  • Do more with less, maintain the bootstrapping culture of a start-up.
  • Think long term.

Improve our cities

  • Be purpose driven.
  • Have a positive impact in our society.
  • The city is our customer.
  • Understand the city to improve the life of its citizens.
  • Care and be honest.

Trust, communicate and develop

  • Surround yourself by those who have the potential to be better than you.
  • Trust them.
  • Invest in the professional growth of others.
  • Listen and learn from others.
  • Communicate to empower, especially our objectives and why.
  • Be transparent.
  • Demand the same from others.

Embrace and drive change

  • Growth and innovation require constant evolution, self-cannibalization and change.
  • Change equals new opportunities.
  • Be the change we need to scale further.

Analyze, Innovate and simplify

  • Seek to solve problems at the source, not symptoms.
  • Hypothesize.
  • Test it.
  • Bring evidence, not opinions.
  • Deprecate what is obsolete, keep it simple and scalable to build value. Think long term
  • Innovate, be creative, make new mistakes and share them to learn from them.

Contribute and commit

  • Share the data to make the best decision.
  • Make the decision, escape analysis-paralysis.
  • Once a decision is reached, understand the why so we can row in the same direction as a team.

Make an impact

  • Have a bias for value-added-action, focus on our core competencies.
  • Well done is better than perfect.
  • Deliver, move the needle.
  • Keep improving.

Have a positive and humble attitude

  • Be constructive in the face of adversity and especially with mistakes.
  • Share mistakes so we all learn from them.
  • Make sure people around you enjoy Mondays.
  • There is always a person at the other end of the line, appreciate them.
  • Promote diversity by appreciating different views.